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ACH and Check Processing

Process ACH and Check Payments on a secure, cloud-based server. Check funds availability real-time to prevent returned checks. Set up recurring billing direct from your customer's bank account.

Or let us do all of that for you with our Mail Drop and Call Center services.

Accept Checks and Bank Transfers

With our ACH & Check Cashing Services, we set up a customized, secure, cloud-based gateway. Routing and account numbers can be entered safely into our double-swipe technology to check funds availability in real time, while protecting your business from any security breach or potential fraud loss. This can also be set up as a surcharge program to ensure these services do not eat into your business profit. You receive funds faster and more securely without added costs. You can also set up recurring billing from your customer's bank accounts.


Have difficulty staying on top off mailed in payments? We have a Drop Box Service for which we will set up a dedicated address for your business and process all payment transactions through the mail, using your secure cloud based gateway. You will receive images and reports of the checks that have been processed.

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