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Global Processing Partners is a business and profit solutions company. We pride ourselves on providing businesses with products and services that save them time and money, with the end result of significant increases in profit. Imagine having a say in exactly what you would like your business software to accomplish, with customized processes and dashboards that help your work smarter and more securely from anywhere. We also increase and/or improve your online presence to make your brand more accessible and appealing to prospects in your target audience. Check out some of our projects below.


Secure Tax Office was custom built for the Sheriffs and Tax Offices throughout Louisiana. We addressed deficiencies in account security from parish's previous software and created a more secure, cloud based portal that can be used in office or at home. We eliminated the need for lengthy backups and paper filing and created simple processes for processing tax payments.  

secure tax dashboard.PNG

The previous website for this iconic Pensacola-based pub was very outdated and solely informational. We transformed the website to include more dynamic images, integrations with external sites to drive more traffic, and integrations with Facebook feeds so posts would also automatically update the website. Wisteria Tavern has seen a significant increase in clientele since updating their website and Facebook presence and seen a significant increase in profit since using our Cash Discount Program.

the wis.PNG

Midway media online courses

Since the onset of COVID protocols, the world of online education has skyrocketed. There has been a greater need for education to be available online. Our client, Midway Media, is a premier provider of online course content. At Global Processing Partners, we design and develop new content, including videos, text, quizzes, exams, and certificates of completion to continue to add to their library and help them grow their business. What knowledge do you have that others could benefit from? You may consider making it into an online course. You may also consider adding a training catalog of online courses to your human resources department.

online courses.PNG


Ultimate Nutrition serves delicious, vitamin-packed teas in Denham Springs, LA. They were being charged nearly 3% in processing fees on credit and debit cards and did not have a website. The website we designed for them sees a steady stream of traffic and several online orders. Meanwhile, they are saving thousands in card processing fees using our Cash Discount Program.

ultimate teas.PNG


Capital Area Groundwater had not updated the design of their website since the early 2000s, and the navigation was very cumbersome, with multiple clicks to get to one specified location and some broken links. We did a total makeover and improved navigation for their clients, making pertinent links, such as applying for permits and accessing accounts easier to find and navigate to. The previous site can still be found at, and you can visit the new and improved version at


Online payment portals for municipalities

We also build online payment portals and payment processing gateways for collection of property taxes and collection of fines and fees for municipalities. Our gateways are simple and secure and allow for direct customer access and/or customized employee access to process all types of payments. These gateways run on our Cash Discount or Surcharge programs and do not increase cost to the business owner or government entity to use. Our gateways can also be integrated with your custom built software.

online payments taxes.PNG
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