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Accept Cards,
Not Fees

Your customers need the convenience of being able to pay with debit and credit cards, but that shouldn't cost you thousands of dollars to provide that convenience. With our Cash Discount Program, you can continue to accept card payments without paying processing fees. We are saving our clients thousands of dollars every month by eliminating these fees.



In person payments

We offer a variety of terminals and point of sale systems to allow you to accept card payments in person.  Our point of sale systems also include features such as time and inventory tracking as well.

online and mobile

Our mobile solutions help you take your business on the road, while our online card processing services allow you to expand your e-commerce platform. Our online processing also allows you to set up recurring billing for your member services.

Phone or Mail-in payments

Our terminals and online dashboards also allow you to collect payments over the phone or that are mailed in. We also have a call center and mail drop service where we can take those off of your plate as well and process them for you in house.

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