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Global Processing Partners is a Business and Profit Solutions company. We pride ourselves on providing businesses with products and services that save them time and money, with the end result of significant increases in profit and productivity. We evaluate areas of your business that may be costly or frustrating and help you to improve equipment, software, and processes to reduce or eliminate those drains on your company's resources. 

"Improved productivity means less human sweat, not more." - Henry Ford

Why Global?
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How can you increase my business profits?

Each of the high ranking members and investors of our company have long term experience with building and running businesses from small community businesses to franchises to multi-billion dollar corporations. We specialize in maximizing profits and driving growth. Our card payment systems are saving our clients tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars a year on processing expenses. Our newest mail drop check processing service saves businesses both time and money by reducing employee work load and passing the processing fee to the consumer. Our software development services streamline business processes in a cloud-based environment in order to maximize employee productivity whether they work in an office or from home, reducing office product needs and in some cases staff sizes. Our website development services get your business seen online by potential new customers and can be customized for search engine optimization and lead generation.

What kind of customer service do you provide?

When you become our client, you will first of all have the cell phone number of your project manager. Anytime you need assistance, you may contact them directly, and they will ensure your need is expedited to the appropriate department. Our card processing partners have 24/7 customer service lines for technical support, and we have a full service call center that is operational 24/7 for your customer service needs, which can also be outsourced to you if you would like to provide your customers with after hours customer service when you are off the clock.

How can you make my business more productive?

With our customized, cloud-based business software development, we start by evaluating your current business processes. We ask you and your employees what they love about their software, what they hate about it, and what they really wish it could do. We then build a custom solution to improve on your current systems, make them cloud-based for work-from-home productivity and more secure in emergency events, also reducing the need for lengthy backups and/or paper filing. We can build you software that can answer your business related profit and productivity questions quickly with customized dashboards. You won't have to work harder, because your software will allow you to work smarter.

How can you improve my online presence?

We start by running a diagnostic on your current website, if you have one, to determine what keywords you rank for and how you stack up to your competitors. We ensure that each website has easy-to-find contact information and recurring lead generation buttons and forms. Websites that are informative are transformed to websites that generate leads and sell. Design is updated to maximize visual appeal and lead prospects to contact-generating forms. We maximize your on-site search engine optimization to ensure first page rankings on Google and other search engines. We can also help you build your Google My Business and social media presence to ensure that your business gets seen, maximizing exposure to your brand to the right audiences.

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